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Venezuela Report: Separation of children from their parents is an abomination PDF Print E-mail
Written by MPPRE   
Tuesday, 03 July 2018 11:07

K2Caracas, June 30th 2018.- On June 29, during a Permanent Council of the Organization of American States, Venezuela denounced the complicit silence of the OAS and the IACHR regarding the very serious violations of human rights by the United States, and in particular by its immigration policy that implies the violent separation of children and adolescents from their fathers and mothers, and their confinement in cages and isolation centers, in a brutal, inhuman and open violation of International Law.

Read here the text of the declaration of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela:

Mr. President:

In 1935, Doctor Rene Spitz studied for the first time systematically and methodically the effects produced on children when separated from their mothers. He observed after several weeks that the children gradually lost their physical capacities (they did not eat, they lost their body weight and they did not sleep), they lost their social skills (they cried frequently, they lost interest in their environment, they stopped playing ), they even degraded their linguistic abilities, they just stopped talking. The children studied by Spitz entered a regressive phase of their development that quickly became a deep depression and if it was not treated in time, it affected them in an irreversible way.
Dr. Spitz is considered one of the founders of Science that studies the development of childhood. Since 1935, all scientific studies have corroborated the long-term consequences of the deprivation of maternal love in boys and girls.

What we could never imagine is that after so many scientific tests, the government of President Trump decided by decree, and not by mistake, to pay thousands of children that horrific cost in their physical and emotional health. Removing children from their mothers is a cruel, inhuman, immoral decision, but above all it is technically a crime because thousands of children are being subjected, deliberately, to deprivation that has the same effects as torture. These facts demonstrated by science are irrefutable.
The policy of separating children from their parents is an abomination, a universal shame, but the worst thing is that its authors defend it by reading verses from the bible. Such arrogance is intolerable.

The day before, listened to Vice President Pence in Brazil citing the scriptures on "doing justice, loving kindness" in Venezuela and yesterday we saw threatening the presidents of Central America, calling them a danger to their national security.
This immense moral blindness is the result of an ethno-nationalist, supremacist ideology, which considers Latin Americans inferior.That in all the world has a name and it is called racism.

Mr. President:

In its 2018 budget, the US Congress justifies the money it gives to the OAS in this way, I quote:"The OAS promotes the political and economic interests of the US in the Western Hemisphere and counteracts the influence of countries like Venezuela."
We must recognize that the role of this Organization has never been better described. That explains why, after a year and a half of insults, humiliations and threats from President Trump to the Latin American peoples, an Extraordinary Permanent Council has never been devoted to racist and warmongering aggressions. This explains the silence of the Secretary General who only timidly adheres to a statement from the IACHR while he is so unrestrained in other matters.

It is the enormous corrosive influence of President Trump's power that explains why the IACHR is so active with so many countries and so passive with the US. In 1962, 56 years ago, it was the last report of the IACHR on human rights in the United States. Today, in the face of the most cruel policy, the use and degrading and harmful treatment of thousands of children in Latin America in situations of vulnerability, the IACHR only dares to express "its concern".

To conclude, Mr. President, for all of the above, we cannot support this resolution presented today. It is a late and insufficient resolution that ignores the inability demonstrated by the OAS Organs to denounce massive violations of human rights in our continent because they simply cannot break the chains that submit them to the US government. We cannot fool ourselves.

We maintain our hope that in the not too distant future, the indignation of the continent, and of the great nation of the United States itself defeat the ideologies of hatred that today take the most vulnerable as hostages to impose their unpresentable vision of the world.


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