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President Maduro announces new national economic model PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 30 August 2018 10:22


On the radio and television network, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, offered a detailed report of the new economic strategic plan that will strengthen the foundations of the national economy.

Accompanied by all his economic and social cabinet, the Head of State assured that the state of the current economy of the country, has managed to permeate every action that the Bolivarian Government has set to defend the people, due to the criminal dollarization imposed on Venezuela from Miami.

In that sense, he pointed out that the new economic era of the country was designed to shield each achievement in favor of the people and block every coup action imposed by economic transnationals and supported by the national political right.

He also announced that the cryptocurrency the Petro will be the guiding pattern that will define the new economic path and thus achieve a new equilibrium that can stabilize a new and dynamic mechanism of the real economy where "the rules of the game" are respected.

The President announced that El Petro will have a value of 60 dollars and its equivalent in sovereign bolivars (Bolivar Soberano) will be 3.600, this will be the genesis of the entire monetary conversion and thus "overturn the machiavellian plan that have been driving by the external and internal political forces of the right " President Maduro said.

On the economic measures of protection for the people the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution fixed the minimum wage in 1.800 bolivars sovereign, equivalent to half Petro, this fact consolidates a new substantial improvement. He announced that through the Carnet de la Patria, (national identification card) he will deliver six million as an adaptation bonus during this phase of monetary reconversion addressed to the Venezuelan families as a way to built both, a shield of social protection and a mechanism of social action.

As a sign of the constant political will to defend the people and achieve financial stability in the country, President Maduro's government will assume for 90 days all the payroll of small and medium-sized private and public industries, so he dismissed any excuse that may come from the business community directed to avoid the payment of the salaries and wages of their workers.

The establishment of a new exchange rate system of economic fixation will also be attached to The Petro, and will have three weekly auctions in DICOM, with the short-term goal of reaching five daily auctions and thus establishing a single currency and eliminating the hegemony of the currencies that are not anchored to any real asset.

Emphatically, the President mentioned that all this effort must create a new fiscal discipline that stimulates the entire productive apparatus of the country. The objective is to bring benefits to the national economy, likewise in the coming days, the Vice -President for the economic area Tareck El Aisami, will inform in greater depth the new fiscal model of this new phase of the Bolivarian economy.

On the issue of the price of gasoline, the President said that the actions developed by the Bolivarian Government aimed at preventing the smuggling of fuel, will directly benefit the economy of the country, so he asked for "confidence and patience" to finish with the scourge of criminal gangs that annually rob the country more than 18 billion dollars. President Maduro determined that these actions will be carried out gradually. "All this economic plan is well thought out and will be executed as accurately as possible so that the measures take direct effect," said the President.

On the international stage the Commander in Chief of the Bolivarian Armed Forces, said that Venezuela will not lower its arms in the face of constant attacks from Washington, Miami and Bogota, and will continue to protect the people and bring the truth of the Venezuelan people to the world.


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