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Ministry of Popular Power for External Relations about the Frustrated Magnicide against the person of the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela PDF Print E-mail
Written by MPPRE   
Thursday, 30 August 2018 09:44

Caracas, August 7, 2018.- On August 4, during the celebration of the 81st anniversary of the creation of the Bolivarian National Guard, in the city of Caracas, while the constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, offered the closing speech of the act , two powerful detonations were heard in the adjacencies of the presidential platform.

The bodies in charge of presidential security immediately activated the corresponding protocols, allowing the evacuation of the place, safeguarding the security of the President and his family, the high representatives of public powers as well as the civil and military jointly with the members of the diplomatic corps. Who were participating in the aforementioned event.

The competent authorities immediately initiated the investigation. The Attorney General announced the appointment of three prosecutors with extensive experience in organized crime and political conspiracy, to clarify the facts and bring to justice those responsible for this act.

Between the initial results of the investigation they can be named:

The explosions corresponded to explosive devices placed in two remotely manipulated aerial devices (drones) that were directed against the person of the President and the group of high officials who were in the presidential platform. It is estimated that each aircraft contained 1 kg of the explosive known as C4, capable of impacting a radius of 50 meters. The drones were DJI-M600 model, normally used for industrial and audiovisual purposes.

The investigation in the place of the event and the testimonies provided by six arrested citizens, allegedly linked to the fact, have revealed that the plan consisted of detonating one of the drones on the roof of the presidential platform while the other had to go directly to it. The actions of the presidential security corps allowed the diversion of one of the devices by blocking the signal, causing it to explode away from the programmed target, and allowing the other device to deflect, exploding against a building adjacent to the event site. Unfortunately, a group of seven military officers were injured while three of them have very serious clinical conditions.

It was an attempt against the life of the President of the Republic, typified by our legislation as an act of terrorism and assassination in a degree of frustration. It should be noted that one of those involved had participated in the acts of political violence in 2014, subsequently receiving a legal benefit that caused his liberation. Another of the detainees is linked to the assault of a military installation in the city of Valencia by a paramilitary group, which occurred a year ago. Likewise, this attack has been revindicated in Miami – USA by spokespersons linked to the Venezuelan ultra-right, who in turn were are connected with the 2002 coup and other terrorist actions committed in the recent past.

Testimonies obtained in the ongoing investigation, affirm the conviction that this criminal act is linked to the plan of aggression against Venezuela, publicly claimed by the outgoing President of Colombia, Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, who in recent days issued reckless statements announcing that "...We are in the final hours of Maduro..." In turn, Venezuela has the full conviction that behind this assassination attempt are groups of the Venezuelan far right in collusion with powerful economic and political factors that operate from Colombia with ramifications in the city of Miami, United States.

In recent years, Colombia has become the base of operations for illegal, unconstitutional and violent activities against our democracy, the Government and the people of Venezuela. In Colombia powerful drug trafficking mafias operates, similarly cartels dealing with the smuggling of diverse goods such as food and fuel, hired killers, as well as a powerful criminal exchange network that subtracts the Venezuelan currency from the national territory, and manipulates the exchange rate to affect the operation of the Venezuelan economy.

Colombia has hosted for years a group of fugitives from the Venezuelan justice who a have been protected, financed and legitimized by the Government of the colombian president Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, up to the point of been granted the use of the facilities and building of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia for the conspiratorial activities displayed by this group of fugitives under the form of an illegitimate instance, aimed at sabotaging the functioning of the Venezuelan judicial system.

The methods of political violence such as the assassination and murder of political and social leaders are not compatible with the political culture of Venezuela. They are methods historically rooted in Colombia, from where they are exported to Venezuela to destabilize our democracy. Criminal methods such as, burning of living people, killer's hiring and now, political assassination and magnicide.

In the same way, links with political opposition groups that live in the city of Miami, United States, appeared in the preliminary investigation. In this regard, President Nicolás Maduro has requested to the government Donald Trump its collaboration in the investigation that leads to political and financial operators on US soil.

Venezuela has dismantled all conspiracies organized in Colombia. President Maduro has issued an alert to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in relation to the situation on the border shared by both counties to prevent acts of provocation and violence organized in and coming from Colombia.

The Military High Command has rejected the assassination attempt and has warned that the Venezuelan armed force is firm in defense of the Constitution and the legitimate Government, under the authority of the President - who is at the same time Commander-in-Chief of the armed force - and that under no circumstances will he accept a violent rupture of the constitutional order.

On the participation of factors of the Venezuelan far right we affirm that this time the factors of the violent opposition have gone too far, having been able to cause numerous deaths with very serious consequences for the stability of the country. The Government of Venezuela has demanded from the Attorney General's Office a thorough investigation that goes to the end to clarify the truth. Venezuela will use national and international laws to prosecute and bring to justice the perpetrators of this abominable attack. The Venezuelan State conducts an extensive and impartial investigation that guarantees the application of justice and maximum punishment to those responsible. Magnicide cannot be forgiven.

The Bolivarian Republic appreciates the countless expressions of solidarity, of good wishes towards our Homeland and of rejection of this criminal attack, on the part of numerous Presidents, Heads of State and Government. Venezuela also appreciates the expressions of support issued by numerous political leaders, parties, parliamentarians, cultural figures, and movements and social organizations from around the world that have sent a message of support and peace to our country.

Likewise, the Venezuelan Government urges the countries and governments of the world to maintain an objective position in the face of these serious events, to calmly assess the seriousness and significance of what happened, and in some cases, to evaluate their policies of open or implicit support towards the winds that promote death and violence in Venezuela.

The Government of Venezuela is convinced that this attack desperately sought to stop the application of new measures for economic recovery that have been announced by the National Government and will be launched on August 20. These measures are the effective response to the country's crisis and will bring stability, tranquility and prosperity to all citizens.

Violent internal and external opposition has failed again in its campaign of hatred against Venezuela. These facts reaffirm the Revolutionary Government in the conviction that Venezuela is on the right track. We are both, on the side of the people, as well as on the right side of Hi story. The people of Venezuela will continue combating for their destiny which will be happiness, democracy and peace.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its President are more determined than ever to follow the path of peace, the laws and the Constitution. These are the paths of the Bolivarian Revolution.


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