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Ghana's Social Movements highlight the strength of the Bolivarian Revolution PDF Print E-mail
Written by MPPRE   
Monday, 16 July 2018 16:27

j1Accra, July 9th 2018.- Social Movements and left-wing political parties in the Republic of Ghana held a Popular Assembly in solidarity with Venezuela, in which they highlighted the Bolivarian Revolution's nationalist character in the face of the illegal siege to which it has been subjected by the United States (USA).
The Socialist Forum of Ghana in Accra, was the popular meeting that served to share political experiences where the Bolivarian Government, represented by the Chancellor Jorge Arreaza, announced the vast social experience of the Bolivarian nation.

The Minister of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs (Mppre), Jorge Arreaza, during his speech at the Ghana Socialist Forum in Accra, said that the unilateral and illegal coercive measures imposed by the US and its satellite governments, is the answer to the constant defense of the Bolivarian Revolution to the people and their determination to be free.

While those present listened in detail to what the Bolivarian Diplomat commented on the situation that Venezuela is going through and how President Nicolás Maduro continues to make great efforts to defend every achievement of the Venezuelan people, the Foreign Minister also lashed the double standard with which some countries are worried about the situation the country is going through, claiming that they are the executors of these illegal actions.

"The imposition of sanctions against Venezuela seeks to create a complete blockade of our country. Causing suffering and needs in our town with the aim of propitiating a change of government, "said the Chancellor.

Political leaders and Ghanaian social leaders showed their support for the Bolivarian Revolution, which they described as invincible and humanistic, since according to them they represent the noblest interests of the peoples.
Kyeretwie Opoku, of the Ghanaian Socialist Forum, said that "we will always be supportive of Venezuela because we are militants of the just causes and will always count on our time and our action to defend the truth," he said.

Not only with slogans, the social movements in Ghana maintain support for the Bolivarian Revolution, so they assured that the Pan African Movements are already organizing movements from all over Africa to march in Venezuela and pointed out that they already have two thousand participants to shout in solidarity "Viva Venezuela".


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