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Venezuela ratifies its commitment to cooperation with the UN PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 16 July 2018 16:01

Caracas, July 3th 2018.- As part of the fulfillment of the objectives of the Plan of the Homeland, the Bolivarian Government started the facilities of the Ministry of Popular Power of Planning, the Workshop on Processes for the Definition of a New Framework of Cooperation of the United Nations.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, continues to join efforts to achieve the established purposes of the Agenda20-30, and in which the United Nations (UN) is an important part of the accompaniment of the goals set.

The Minister of Popular Power of Planning, Ricardo Menéndez and the President of the Development Group for the UN, César Núñez, participated in the activity and highlighted the importance of it.
Menéndez pointed out that the goal is to change the causes that originate the problem, for which he pointed out that the economic, financial and reformulation system must be corrected, while he maintained that in order to end poverty, "inequities must be eliminated" "

In this sense, the Minister recalled in a self-critical manner, that planning is not a fact of an individual but a popular one, so it should not be kidnapped by a Minister either.

Menéndez also assured that the Plan de la Patria 2025 has 300 indicators, which will be updated during the field survey.

He also pointed out that the PDA electronic devices with which this survey will be carried out will not only store the information at a statistical level, but will also make the geographic location of the place to be censured.

"This will contribute to the strengthening of the national statistical system, as well as allow to evaluate the fulfillment of the objectives of the Plan of the Homeland 2025 and what will be its scope in the future. With this, Venezuela becomes a global reference at the statistical level, a subject raised in the United Nations System, "said the Minister.

The Vice President of Planning also stressed that the Sustainable Development Goals are a fundamental part of the 2025 Homeland Plan.
Therefore, this workshop will deepen the development of instruments and programs to achieve these objectives, through the comprehensive vision of the United Nations (UN); this UNDAF will be executed from 2020 to 2025.

Additionally, he noted that "at this moment we are in the historic opportunity to synchronize the different components of planning and the scope of the objectives." These plans will allow attacking the causes of the problems of our societies, fundamental issue in the Bolivarian Revolution, to achieve the transformation of Venezuelan society.

The holder of the portfolio of Planning of the country assured that the Bolivarian Revolution in spite of the imperial siege continues the fulfillment of the achievements established in the Plan of the Nation.

The President of the Development Group for the UN, César Núñez, said that Venezuela's relationship with the country team of the United Nations system is one of cooperation, which is why it celebrated the work that has been developed jointly.


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