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Africans got degree as Medical Doctors: All are beneficiaries of scholarships awarded by the Venezuela government PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 02 February 2018 10:04


Caracas, January 31th, 2018.- The president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro was present at the graduation ceremony of Integral Community Doctors of the Latin American School of Medicine (Elam) Salvador Allende.

During the ceremony, the Head of State congratulated the 225 students of the Fifth International Medical Cohort from 18 nations such as Angola, Palestine, Libya, the Republic of Mali, Mozambique, among others.
013118PM-GraduacionEstudInterMedicinantegralComunitaria-M06-768x429President Maduro said "Nobody in this world with huge resources thinks about education and health, only the socialist revolutions of our America, and the popular revolutions of the peoples of the south think about solidarity, education and health ".
He also pointed out that "... unlike some warmongering countries in the north, billion dollar investments are announced in arms, in missiles, in investigations of the use of weapons to control, threaten, entire regions of the world."
He also reported that resources were approved for the improvement of student residences, expansion and recovery, in addition to solving the transportation problem for students.
Also, he ordered the creation of spaces to guarantee the training of international doctors in postgraduate studies, specializations, among others, graduates in the Elam.

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