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17 minutos atrás

The #25Abr, 1999 the Venezuelan people, in the first consultative referendum of history, opened the way for our Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. That people, is the only one who exercises and will exercise power forever in our [...]

5 horas atrás

We launched the National Productive Plan 2019 to build a great alliance with all economic sectors, which will allow us to turn Venezuela into an agricultural power. Together we will achieve it!


5 horas atrás

Hoy asistimos a otra sesión del Grupo de Países en Defensa de la Carta de la ONU, el Derecho Internacional y la Paz. Representantes de más de 60 países nos reunimos para garantizar la protección de la soberanía de Venezuela y de cualquier país agredido por el unilateralismo.

24 horas atrás

Nos reunimos con el hermano Canciller de Irán @JZarif. Intercambiamos visiones y experiencias para enfrentar el unilateralismo y fortalecer el multilateralismo con el fin de garantizar la paz y seguridad internacionales. Le agradecemos la solidaridad y amistad con Venezuela

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4 horas atrás

. @jaarreaza:Today,we attended another session of the Group of Countries in defense of the UN Charter,International Law and Peace.Representatives from more than 60 countries gathered to guarantee protection of Venezuela’s sovereignty and any other country attacked by unilateralism

6 horas atrás

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza @jaarreaza meets with the ambassador of the Russian Federation to the UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya

#HandsOffVenezuelaTrump #OfensivaComunal2019

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